Huh…Your A What!? | Blog

I hate when people define themselves as Atheists. You know, by putting it in there bio or social network profile or continuously tweeting about it. It’s like, you don’t meet someone new and right when you’re shacking that persons hand you tell them;

“Hi, i’m Jason and i’m an Atheist.”

Unless you do, if so, you’re a dick, STOP IT!

I’m an Atheist, and i feel like now is a good time to mention that, because i’m writing a blog about it. I don’t define myself as an atheist. And I sure as shit don’t label myself as an Atheist.

Someone once said to me that Atheism is like a religion, clearly that person doesn’t understand what anti-theist means. But i kinda understand what he meant. He got it totally wrong, clearly. But I get it. Atheists are more like a tribe of people without a god. Or, like football fans. Some know everything. Some think they know everything. Some are hooligans. Some watch the game at home and only tune in on important games.

Some buy a season ticket and think they are better equipped to talk shop, while watching their teams striker, in this case Richard Dawkins, score another goal for the home team. They praise him, bow to him, kiss his feet. Others, like me, sit at home and watch the game of TV.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, i used to be a season ticket holder, but over time i kinda mellowed out and now, i just think, Meh! Though i will still ridicule your religion and your beliefs if you impose them on me, or try to tell me that as an Atheist i’m sick or damaged in some way. But i won’t get aggressive (anymore) because i’m no longer a Atheist hooligan. Now, i’ll just pity you. You wonna judge me on the fact i don’t have a god… then i’ll happily judge on the fact you do, but only because you’re giving me a reason to judge you based on your behaviour towards me, not because you have a god.

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