HR !? | What The F**k

A conversation i had with a Human Resources person once, many years ago.

HR: Hello, Jason.

ME: Hello.

HR: Now we’ve had a complaint made against you.

ME: By who?

HR: We can’t tell you that.

ME: Why not?

HR: Just in case.

ME: Oh, right…????? So what was the complaint?

HR: I can’t tell you that either.

ME: What, why not!?

HR: Because you might then figure out who made the complaint.

ME:……… So how do i know what i did that warranted a complaint.


ME: So basically, i supposedly did something, someone complained, but you won’t tell me who or what?

HR: That is correct, yes.

ME: So i don’t know what i did, which means i might end up doing it again.

HR: Why would you do it again.


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