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So today I woke up quite early but simply refused to get out of bed as I have nowhere to get to in such a hurry. Yes, I just lay there until near ten thinking about all them cappuccino fuelled techno-zombies rushing themselves to retirement. And after my morning cuppa tea and episode nine of Game of Thrones, I sat myself down and got to work editing a few chapters.

I have to say at this point, I have no real idea of what to do during the editing process, I mean, I read it, I change a few things, but they’re all very subtle changes nothing mind blowing. Though I do enjoying a few well rewritten sentences.

So, two chapters, I think? hang on…

Yeah, two.

So, i’m pretty happy, so far, at how they turned out, no doubt in a few weeks I’ll be at it again. But then you know how this works, I’ll be re-writing these pages for the rest of my life. The trick is knowing when to stop and hand it over to a professional editor and let them at it like a crazy person attacking a fly with a light sabre. If that light sabre is in fact, a blue pen. but hey, that is how I see editors. Blue pen wielding Jedi wannabes.

Now, after some annoying distractions over on twitter I’m reading some criminal psychology, well it’s a book that has the phrase ‘Beginners Guide’ inside what looks like a yellow speech bubble. So far it’s been okay, filling in some holes in my accepted knowledge of the criminal psyche. At the mo though, it’s going on about stress for police offices and ‘canteen culture’.

So, I’ma go back to that book with the brief glances at twitter for a moments entertainment.

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