The Ballroom Blitz | Microblog

Musket Suicide.

Okay, how do I start this thing?

I guess I could just say that there is another reason why North London beats the shit out of South London, we have the Ballroom Blitz. A Suicide Girls event at the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town (not to far from the tube station, you know, for easy access) The doors opened at 10:30 and the show kicked off around 11:30, at this point I was already a few drinks in, but let me tell you, the amount of booze you drink isn’t directly related to the asskicking awesomeness of this high energy event. My first Suicide Girls Event.

The ladies: Katherine Suicide. Mel (Clarke) Suicide, DJ. Jasz Vegas. RubyTrue Suicide. Musket Suicide. Samantha Bentley. Sophie Stonem. Candy Valentina. Shelly d’Inferno. And Anna Dumpe DJ’d at the end of the night. If I’ve missed anyone out i’m sorry but my brain kinda melted.

Cage Dancers, Pole Dancers, Hot Wax, Staples (yes, staples, like the ones you steal from the office, from a staple gun), stripping, and some lucky dude got a semi-private (on stage) dance from RubyTrue (lucky mother fucker), an audience dance off (four ladies made their way to the stage to dance for the testosterone/beer fuelled crowd) the winner? The one with the loudest cheers afterward. And of course some Burlesque. All in all, a fucking great night out in Camden. Even/especially for someone of my advanced years.

I have to give kudos to Mel (Clarke) Suicide for her set, which lasted a good 3 hours, filled with high energy Rock, Metal, Punk, and some classic rock (and a Taylor Swift song with a Thrash metal twist. To my ears the best she’s sounded). The power of all this has left a subtle ringing in my ears, nearly 12 hours later. And of course due to the awesome music, my throat is sore from all the screaming of the Punk/Rock/Metal lyrics.

But I have to say, the stand out performance came from the lady in control Katherine Suicide. She controlled that stage like a master of the minds of men and still managed to stay adorable, even when she poured hot wax (straight from a candle) onto her tongue. And I think at one point, she actually blushed. She saw the birthday cake (Happy birthday, Gurl) and a 500 strong rendition of Happy Birthday ensued. The veneer cracked a little and the cheeks reddened, but only for an instant. The professional that she is took control of the crowd and the show went on.

Sorry I couldn’t be more concise with this blog post but my brain aches.

Katherine Suicide.

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