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Yesterday I started to read up on police interviews and interrogations to prepare myself for the task of actually writing one. I wrote about half a page of excuses. Today I had planned on getting it done, but all I have written is a page of preparation for the interview/interrogation.

Yet here I am, able to write a blog post where i tell you guys that i’m having trouble writing.

I think my issue isn’t writing the chapter, i can do that, my trouble is getting it right. It’s a key chapter where some threads are brought together and pulled on, body language and a characters biopsychosocial state of mind needs to hit ques, and i’m not sure whether I can do it justice.

Yes, yes, edits come later and I can fix it then, but i don’t think that way, i need to get it as “right” as possible now, so in the edits/rewrites, i won’t have to do very much.

I did carpentry for two and a half years in college, and the first basic rule is measure twice, cut once. Why can’t i apply that logic to writing. Get the first draft as “right” as possible, even if it takes longer to write, so all I have to do later is, clean it up, smooth out the rough edges, and gloss it up a bit.

2 Comments on “Measure Twice, Cut Once | Microblog

  1. You could check out the local pub and ask the bartender if there are any police officers that have a pint from time to time. Maybe you could pick his/her brain about interrogations, or they could point you in the right direction about whom to talk to about procedures and questioning techniques. :D

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    • I’ve actually thought about visiting the police station in the book and explaining what i’m doing to see if they’ll let me see the interview rooms and like you say, give me pointers on interview procedures.


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