So This Is How My Day Has Gone So Far | MicroBlog

I woke up around 07:30. Not for any reason I would deem necessary, I just did. Eyes opened, wide awake, couldn’t go back to sleep. Annoying but that’s okay, because today, i’ma finish my dang book. I stayed in bed till 9 anyway.

“Fucking. YAY!”

I go out of bed, showered then dressed, reluctantly, set up the computer so I would be ready, then made my way down stairs to make a cuppa tea. Fuel to get me to the end.

Then it happened, the delivery came. I was hoping it would arrive so late in the day i would have to build it all today. But no, it arrive at 09:20, I wasn’t even finished making my tea. Now of course i’m expected to put all that crap together.

A wardrobe, two large chests of draws, and a bed side table. All flat packed (not from IKEA), shit tons of bits and parts.

I finished putting all this crap together at about 15:30. And now my back aches.

And i’m hungry.

I’ma go get something to eat.

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