Get er Done | Microblog

Okay, so enough of the fucking excuses.


On Monday I made some great progress on the book leaving me with one last chapter to write and one to edit, and that would have been it, book done, all that is left to do is the re-writes. Well, Tuesday was a mess, we had lots of furniture delivered and muggings here had to put it all together (HERE), which meant I didn’t get any writing done, and with only a little bit to go, i was pissed.

So yesterday I had an errand to run early on, and because of that my head just wasn’t in it, so I sat, drank tea and watched crap day time tele, hoping that doing this would force my mood to change.

Finally i say in front of my laptop and typed a few words;

“Do you know what its like to spend christmas, alone”

I knew that this chapter took place around christmas so that is where i started. I wrote a few things and then got into a flow and didn’t stop for a few pages then (story stuff happens I can’t tell you about).

The thing is, after seven pages i’d finished writing what i wanted to write but i still wasn’t finish. So i had to write another chapter to finish it up. It turned out a little darker than I expected.

But hey, the fucking book is done.

And by done i mean in the form of a first draft, so break out the WHISKEY!


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