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Right, so today I began the long, injury inflecting, process of rewriting my book, Shadow of Doubt. This will be the first of many, many rewrites. And i imagine by the end, i’ll hate this book.

So, today I started the character pass. I need to make sure that my characters voices are consistent throughout the book. That my main characters journey changes in the right way and that I get across his inner conflict.

Also I need to make sure that I don’t have superfluous characters. And already I think I have one, which i’ll need to remove and his part to be shared by two others.

Given that this is a quite important phase and my main character goes through a few mood changes, this might end up being a process that i have to do more then once.

One Comment on “And So It Begins | MicroBlog

  1. I heard rewriting is important. Just don’t know what it is. Do you put your novel away, and rewrite everything from your memory. Or do you retype/copy everything into a new file? Just curious.


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