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So, i’ve written a detective novel (rewriting it now. Well, not now, now i’m writing this post when I should be rewriting my book but Noooo you want content you selfish BASTARDS!)… sorry, got side tracked there for a second.

Okay, basically I want to write a series of detective novels in the Pulp/Neo Noir/Holmesian genre. Books that are short(ish) and don’t go beyond 250 pages. I’ve wanted to do this for ages but I needed a name.

First I just started looking at my book shelves, I mean Ian Fleming got the name James Bond by doing the same, and I was hoping to find a dull and boring name, too, but as I started to look something clicked in my head, an idea struck me and a quick Google search later I had my name. Which I’m not going to tell you until the first book is done.

Sorry ;P

Great, I have a name, now what?

Many years ago I wrote a few short film scripts. The 10 to 15 page screenplays of two will become the openings for the first two stories. I just need to figure out where they go from there.

Thing is, I had this idea just before I wanted to go to bed, and so didn’t go to bed, instead I stayed awake thinking about my new character, Private Detective such ‘n such, and his colleague who will be a cross between your stereotypical P.I’s secretary and John Watson. I haven’t figured out her name yet (suggestions). I was just gotta look up popular names of the 1940’s and go from there.

I just looked at a list of the 100 most popular girls names of the 1940’s and number 38 stood out to me, Peggy.

Peggy it is.

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