To-day I started on my next project.

A Neo Noir/Pulp fiction detective whose name i’ll tell you all in good time.

It’s 01:23 right now and I finished chapter one of:

– (Detectives Name) –

In The Belly Of The Cockroach

about ten minutes ago. It’s nine and a half pages and carries 2441 words. Some of it good some of it bad, but tomorrow i’ll make the changes and move on.

I decided to approach this story in a different way to all the others. Being a fan of crime dramas I started a ‘Murder Board‘. It’s weird, because before I had to scroll through pages or switch documents to get all my notes on a single story, with a murder board its all right there, it also helped me see links better, I no longer have to remember things because they are right there in front of me.

I also like that I don’t have to switch on my computer to see it or change something. I can sit for hours just looking at it.

Anyway my new character i’m hoping will be a series, his name will be given to you at a later date, once the book is done I guess, I want to make sure I like it before I go around telling you all what it is.

This first book opens up with my Detective closing a few cases, one quietly, one violently before he arrives back at his office at 3am to find a bloody hand print on his front door and a woman standing in his office dazed and confused, her hands are covered with blood and she looks either drunk or high, “I think I killed him” she says as I close chapter one.

My murder board, which i’ve worked on over the last week or so gets me about half way through the book. Solving the above problem to the annoyance of a corrupt Detective Inspector (Such ‘n Such) of Scotland Yard who just wants to close the case and go home, but solving one problem leads to a much bigger one, and with corruption the way it is, will anyone care?

These stories won’t be set in the London that exists, but one that is only slightly different. Police corruption is riff and guns are easier to get, 5th amendment rights being what they are (British Bill of Rights 1689). This also allows my detective to carry a gun. London isn’t really all that different in the city, corruption comes in the form of bureaucracy, politics, and corporations. In Greater London (Which here exceeds beyond the green belt) corruption comes from Police, local councils, and local MP’s. But Greater London is also where the gun crime is, the drugs and murders, they are all here. North London isn’t so bad which is why it’s desired. West London has more white collar crime, where East and South are more gang(ster) related. Though I am generalising here, and this shouldn’t be taken as “gospel” as things change fast in London.

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