Books on Shelves Not Ones & Zeros

So i’m supposed to write a blog filled with sentimental platitudes and remembrances’s of the last year but I really have nothing worth saying so i’ll save you that bullshit.

On to the year ahead.


What to do in 2016?

Fact is I only have one thing I want to do this year, sell a book. Yep that’s right, I want to get published this year, everything else seems a little pointless otherwise, I mean whats the point of wanting to be a writing and never getting published?

And sorry (not sorry) to those of you that think self publishing via Amazon of another of those online eBook things is “getting published” but you’re wrong, to me, getting published is having a book for sale in a book store. Not slaving over a book for months on end and just uploading it to Amazon and asking people to buy it and selling, maybe, 100 copies. What’s the fucking point of that?

I want to walk into a book store and see MY book on a shelf.

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