Original 1812 Hansel and Gretel by The Brothers Grimm.

I read earlier the original 1812 Hansel and Gretel by The Brothers Grimm.

I hadn’t heard this story for a long time, since I was a kid and most likely in nursery or primary school, either way I was very young.

Now the Witch in the _”little house made of bread with cake for a roof and pure sugar for windows.”_ which wasn’t quite as I remember it being depicted, just bread, cake, and sugar glass. I remember a more pleasing to the eye illustration. And it’s weird now because before she was just scary, now she’s a near sighted sadist cannibalistic psychopath (not a witch).

But Hansel and Gretel’s mother is messed up. Clearly she’s a sociopath. Not being able to kill her children herself she forces, by shear force of badgering her husband, to place their children deep in the forest, _”No Wife,” the man said, “I don’t have the heart to take my own children and abandon them to wild beasts, for they’d soon come and tear them apart in the forest”_

Her reasoning is that they haven’t enough food for all four of them so killing their children would mean they could survive for a little longer. The husband succumbs to her badgering. Little did they know, but Hansel and Gretel could hear them.

The first attempt to leave their children for dead was foiled by Hansel’s quick thinking, he went outside and filled his pockets with shiny white pebbles. On their return the day after being left for dead, father was happy, he hadn’t been able to sleep all night because of what they had done. _”Their mother also seem to be delighted by their return, but secretly she was angry.”_ Bitch!

So they do it again the next day, Hansel couldn’t get more pebbles this time and had to use bread crumbs instead. We all know what happened next.

Three and a half days to walk to the Witches house, they stayed the night, then shit got real. One month passes, then _”The old women began to scream and groan in the hot oven, but Gretel ran off, and the witch was miserably burned to death.”_ (Yes, children’s stories of the 19th century) _”Then they went off and found their way home.”_ So they could have been out for four and a half weeks to five weeks

They took with them jewels and pearls. _”Their father rejoiced at their return, he hadn’t spent a single happy day since his children had been away.”_ (Like it was some kind of summer camp. But then I guess driving your kids into a forest and leaving them there is kinda like summer camp), _”Now he was a rich man.”_ (remember the jewels and pearls). And it ends with this sentence, _”However, the mother had died.”_ The end.

Did she die of grief? I don’t think so, she seemed dead set on causing her children to die in the forest, even getting angry when they found their way home the next day. Or did Dad killer her for making him leave his kids in the forest to die, or possibly be torn apart by beast?

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