Online Studies.

So there I was just scrolling through my Twitter feed and I see an advertisement from something called FutureLearn (Part of the Open University). Now usually I swiftly click Dismiss on adverts in my feed because they are usually things I have no interest in, but this one caught my attention, the image was your stereotypical chalk outline with the tag line:

This Course Is Better Than The Crime Show You Watch

I seriously doubt that given that crime shows are designed to be entertaining. Thought I do believe it will be more “Real” Than the crime shows I watch.

After clicking on the link to check it out I find this title:


The course is eight weeks, it only requires three hours of study a week, you get a little piece of paper (certificate) at the end, and it’s free, so of course I signed up immediately.

Now, i’ve had an interest in forensic and criminal psychology for a long time, and lately psychopathy, and this course might help me understand just how well I can do this stuff, just how much of it I truly understand.

If I do well enough I can continue to study it and think more about obtaining a higher education in this subject.

If I don’t do as well as I would like: Then it can remain as an interest.

The course starts on Monday (21st March).


I just signed up to three more courses and have expressed an interest in one other that hasn’t got a start date yet.

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