Forensic Psychology – Week 1


It’s actually quite disturbing just how wrong someone can be about who they “think” they saw. Even if they made a conscious decision to pay as much attention as they can while they are being raped.

In the end, in a line up you’re most likely going to chose the person who looks the most like the person you think did it, if the officers tell you that the person who did it is in the room. Fact it, if you are unsure, say so.

‘Eyewitness Misidentification’ is the number one cause of miscarriages of justice. This is what happened to a man named Ronald Cotton, he was sentenced to life (25 years) plug 54 years. He served 10.

The happy ending is that the woman who picked Cotton out of the line up apologised to Cotton and Cotton forgave her. They are now good friends and travel the Country (USA) giving talks about eyewitness testimony and misidentifications. The fact he forgave her and that they are now friends and acting to enlighten people about eyewitness misidentification says a lot about Mr. Cottons character.

I worked through the first weeks work over three hours or so and took the test scoring 15/15 or 100%. Now that it’s done for the week doesn’t mean it’s over, I can now spend some time learning what i can about the topics that came up.

I’m 12% through the course. My score average is 100%. And my week 1 assessment is 100% due to scoring 15 out of 15 on my first test.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.51.50

One Comment on “Forensic Psychology – Week 1

  1. Way to go on the studying. It’s scary that, in a police lineup, they may not even have the criminal. And only have someone that might look like him, from witness accounts that may be blurred.

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