Lack of Record Collection Posts.

My last post about my record collection was backing December with Gary Clarke Jr’s ‘The Story of Sonny Boy Slim‘.


Sense then i’ve bought 21 new records, not as much as i would like to buy but money just ain’t as readily available as it used to be so I only get to buy new stuff occasionally.

The thing is, i kinda just stopped posting them, not because i didn’t want to but because i simply forgot to. Then i was ten records down and now twenty-one and if i’m honest with myself i can’t be bothered to do them anymore.

I know that that isn’t the right attitude to have about this but it’s where i am with it. I think that the whole process of posting them took some fun out of having them, it became a chore to do them and i don’t chores. Who does?

The point is it wasn’t fun to do them, and if it isn’t fun anymore then i’ll just stop.

Though, as i always tent to post a picture on Instagram of new buys, and if you’re that interested in my collection you could just go there and check it out.

But i guess i could just post that picture here, too?

A picture of my new buys, and a brief description of what i bought and where.

Does that sound good?

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