For the first time in my writing career (har har) i’ve actually set out a plan for writing and editing a piece of work. It seem’s weird I never did this before but there you go. Earlier I finished a short online course that should help me create more economical and elegant works in a way that doesn’t suck to much.

In order to do this I needed to set out a plan for it, something to take me from idea to publication and details what I should be looking at in the editing phase. Oddly I now have a better understanding of what to do. Sure it’s long but the majority of it can be done as I write. Once I’ve finished a chapter I can go back and apply some of this shit before moving on.

Now, if you think I’m an expert at this you’re wrong, far from it actually (10,000 hours)…

These plans can be applied to ALL my writings which include this blog, but I’m not going to start ‘editing’ this short piece i’ll let this shit sink in and hope I just get it, you know.

I never usually bother to edit this blog, I just write the thing publish it and move on never looking back because once it’s done what’s the point..? (wait for it)

Maybe if I make this easier more people will read it because once I start to market novels i’m going to need to get people invested in not only the books, but me, if my blogs look like a toddler wrote them then why would you want to read a novel..?

Now that I have my plans I can apply them to my current work (Shadow of Doubt) and my next novel, which until it’s out it is simply called ‘Detective‘.

I need lists and plans, something that tells me what I should be doing next.

Anyway, lets see how this works out.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again, just don’t do the same thing, try new things, and if that doesn’t work, change them again, and keep changing shit until you find something that works, and if it works, refine it.

I’m going to need an Agent soon too.

[Disclaimer: I edited this blog post. How did I do?]

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