It’s hard to come by when you have no support structure at home. When you spend hours on end sitting in front of you computer procrastinating over the smallest sentence because it doesn’t feel just right. Every one else thinks you’re just sitting there wasting time on social media, as if that’s the only reason to sit and use a computer these days.

The problem I have here is no one believes I could write a book and therefore how could I possibly be writing one, so I must be wasting my time on social media, right?

I’m constantly told I should get a “proper” job. If I mention that I’m trying to write a book I get sneers and funny looks, like they are saying it with their faces “Yeah, right!

After years of this it gets to you, it saps away any motivation you might of had minutes earlier, but worst of all, you start to wonder if they’re right.


Writing is a long process and to finish your first book could take years with or without support. If like me you have no support in your aspirations to be a writer then use that as your motivation. Get your book finished and published either by traditional means or by self-publishing, but get it finished so you can say to them, “Look, I did it.

But don’t be smug about it no matter how badly you want to be.

Not until you can support yourself financially, then you can rub your back catalogue in all their bitch slapped faces.

In this household working means leaving the house. I sit upstairs and write and am therefore not working so I get tons of house work to do which of course I have no time for. Sometimes I start to wonder what’s worse, having no support or knowing that everyone thinks this isn’t work and i’m just sitting up here doing nothing.

This all means that i’m the joke of the family, which is fine because I’ve always been a bit of an outsider. The only one who doesn’t like Football. The only one who doesn’t want a conventional job. The only one who doesn’t want to go to the pub every week.

I’m the let down.

All this is my motivation. All this is what drives me to finish once I get out of that dark tunnel of self-deprecation and procrastination. To one day make a living doing the thing I love to do.

Sure I get motivation online. But It’s that home life stuff you go looking for.

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