Life… Who Needs It?

Because when you’re in the thick of a writing binge it kicks you in the nuts. And I mean it swipes passed the right one and lands a good solid contact with the left nut and crushes your sperm factory against your pelvis.

So I woke up and things were usual, I watched Top Gear (Old not new) on Dave. I do this to wake up. I drink a cuppa tea and get all my programs up and running smooth on my 4 year old laptop. Sometimes it just need some TLC. I tend to all my emails and social media stuff. I post a little just to get the nightly cobwebs outta my brain. Then I watch (Top Gear is still on) what ever Youtube videos I missed the night before. It’s usually only a few. Again, it’s not even 9am yet and Top Gear is still on.

This morning I watched Jenna Moreci’s latest video. She’s an indie writer from the States (Just search of Jenna Moreci in Youtube). In this video she talks about her quarterly reminder list. A list of stuff she needs to get done in the next 3 months.

I made my own list. It has 21 things on it… I might be biting off more than I can chew, but hey. List made… It’s just gone 9am.

So now I sit down to do some honest editing of chapter 4 of my novel ‘Shadow of Doubt‘. This starts out fine and is going well until I remember a totally none book related meeting I had to go to. I had to be there at 11:50. Which means I had to leave home at 11:10. And I’m sitting here in my shorts, I haven’t even showered yet or brushed my teeth (writer hygiene ain’t great) and so I just got on with it, showered, teeth brushed, dressed.

It’s little closer to 10am then I would have liked but I sit down and crack on. Every now and then my eyes flip to the clock to check the time. By 11am i’ve barely done anything and feel like I might as well just stop now as I have to leave in 10 minutes.

I get home around 1pm and then had to do the home maintenance stuff like mow the lawn. I edge the lawn then mow it and by the time I’m done people are here asking me to do just a little more. Which turns into a lot more. I clear and clean the patio gutter. He stank, most likely because it hadn’t been cleaned in awhile. Remove some trellis and reposition, clean patio and rearrange some shit.

Now it’s 4pm and I’m finally back in front of my laptop and looking at chapter 4. I start reading and nothing. I have nothing. I can barely read it let a lone edit the damn thing. So instead of forcing it I stop and write this instead in the vain hope it gets my juices flowing, but all it’s really done is make me hungry.

One of my quarterly reminders is ‘Do something writing related every day‘, but I don’t think this blog counts and so today I could fail. On day one.

I refuse to fail. I shall do some editing later after dinner. Which I now have to go cook.

As a writer, especially if you’re starting out, people might tend to think you spend all your time doing nothing because, you  know, writing is easy, you just sit down all day tapping at your keyboard and after a week or so you have a 600 page paperback. None writer don’t understand how hard this is or how long it takes.

Life tends to get in the way to begin with.


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