When Should You Rest?

Every weekend or when your book is complete?

When is the best time to drop the pen, down tools, take a nap without the deadline nightmares. Though those nightmare usually feed a good story. Rest is important to us all and if you have to commute to work then you get some. Because once you leave work you’re done for the day and or weekend.

If you’re a writer things could be just a little different.

The Weekend;

You know in a few days you can sit back play some music drink a few beers… Actually sounds like a regular writing day… So the weekend is like a normal writing day without the writing. But I guess you don’t have to think about writing, right? No, you’ll probably be thinking about it one way or another. So I guess the weekend is a few days when you don’t actually put ‘pen to paper‘. Otherwise it’s like every other day.

When Your Book Is Complete;

The moment when you’ve edited the last word. Printed it out. Put It in an envelope and sent it to your publisher. Though I imagine now you’ll just get started on the next book, I mean you’ve probably outlined it by now, and maybe even written a few chapters. So it’s not like rest at all you’re just writing something else.

You see, this is the problem with working from home, you can’t leave. Unless you go to the pub where, like all pubs, no one gives a shit about you or your job and how fucking lucky you are to work from home. To just lie in bed typing on your fancy puter.

Anyway, if you’re serous about this writing malarky then you’ll probably not get much rest to begin with, you’ll just want to get your shit done (Chuck Wendig). And then you got marketing to do, and whether you’re self or trad publishing, you’re gonna have work shit to do. It’s not all fun fun fun you know, being an author is hard work. Mostly mental.

But then we’re all a little mental, am’a right?

Get some rest folks. see some friends, if you have any left. See some family, if they’re still talking to you. Or just sit in your back yard and have a BBQ and drink beer I don’t care just get some yet.

I’m one of those lucky mutha fuckas who can get a good nights sleep with just 4 or 5 hours. I’m up at 8am every morning no matter what time I go to sleep so I just sleep somewhere between 2 and 3am. ‘Cause by then i’m no good to any one.

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