Editing: Redundant Information.

While editing chapter 3 last week I realised a lot of information in this chapter is mirrored in chapter 7. This basically means the information in chapter 7 is redundant and not really needed, except I need it there. I also need it in chapter 3.


I wanted to pay two hobo’s with strongbow to slug it out for ownership of the information, Hobo 1 representing chapter 3 and Hobo 2 representing chapter 7.

But I didn’t do that. Something about there not being a permit for Hobo cage fighting. Stupid laws.

As in [some post last week] blog I said editing is where you use critical thinking to solve problems. This is a problem as I don’t want to repeat myself or have the reader go through this information twice in 4 chapters.

So what to do?In chapter 7 the information is necessary but in a more detailed way as it is presented by a doctor. So in chapter 3 I can keep it basic and even remove some of it only keeping enough to keep the reader invested which tightens up the chapter, making it an easier read.

Strangely I did all this without really thinking about it. Reducing the information in chapter 3 seemed like the right thing to do. It shortened the chapter and removed a ton of dull dialogue, two things are awesome in edits.

Try to to repeat information over and over. If you feel read might have forgotten something, be subtle, there is not need to repeat everything, have faith your reader will remember because even if they don’t off the bat, a small reminder will bring it all back, “Oh yeah!

Before you bugger off I just want to say this week I’ll be posting the first chapter of my novel, ‘Where There Are No Eyes’ for critique. Be harsh or i’ll never learn. Thank you.

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