That Scary Moment When.

You upload your work to the internet for critique. It’s the first time you’ve let someone read your work, and I mean the only person whose eyes have seen this is you, and up load it to the interwebz.

For all to see.

And read and comment and tell you just how fucking bad you are at this writing thing.

But that isn’t what happened and I have proof [HERE], go read the comments.

This week i’ve not been in the best writing mood, I blogged about it a few days ago. I’m better now. But I was in one of those low points where I figured I was just bad at this. Of course this all happened after I said I’d upload my first chapter (that link above). So this morning before uploading I was pretty sure I’d get nothing but bad comments, people telling me I should be a writer. That I was a disgrace to writers. This didn’t happen.

What did happen was I now feel a lot better about my writing. My style. My ability to take criticism. And you guys.

Thank you *smily face

Some of the criticisms can be transposed to the rest of the book which is something I need to look into. But all in all a good day.

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