The Elements of Style.

I bought this book by William Strunk jr. and E.B. White many years ago, but being someone who failed his English exam quite miserably not a lot ofimg_0592 it made much sense.

So here I am giving it another go and after the first chapter: ‘Elementary Rules of Usage‘, I seem to be gasping why I failed English 20 odd years ago.

Okay I might be underestimating my understanding of punctuation. But not by much… And this is probably not the best book to be reading when you’re a third of the way through editing your book.

I’ve already wanted to go back and start over. But no. I mustn’t, I must get to the end of my first edit and then I can go back and correct sentence structure, grammar and punctuation.

I mean look at it this way, editors cost a fucking fortune so you might as well learn to do it yourself, right?

Okay, probably not such a great idea. But when you get quoted $850 to edit 60k words, and you’re currently unemployed, hiring an editor seems a little out of reach.

I have to go now, I need to read chapter 2: Elementary Principles of Composition.

One Comment on “The Elements of Style.

  1. Wow! What a bold move! I remember that book from way back when. Glossed over it. Thumbed through it. Don’t remember a thing! You are a brave soul. As for the cost of editing????!!!?? Snake oil.

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