Taking The Leap From…

‘Desktop computer to laptop isn’t, and will never be, a big deal, lots of people have done it and benefitted from the added mobility, not being chained to a single location. Now what about the leap for laptop to tablet, putting all your computer needs to something commonly referred to as a “device” and not a computer, yet they can do a lot of the things that most people use a “computer” for so why not make that change?

I used a laptop computer for surfing the internet, social media, writing, and of course porn. All of these things can be done with a tablet. Though with regards to writing I’d suggest getting an external Bluetooth keyboard, because typing on the virtual kind is less productive, sure it’s fine “on the go” or in a pinch, but for writing a novel it can get tiresome.

Once the tablet is set up the way you want it, it makes life easier, for one you don’t need to turn it off, you just put it to sleep, this also means that you don’t need to start it up or boot it up, you simply, wake it up. With a 6 digit passcode and of course finger print recognition it’s secure.

Right now I’m lying back on my sofa typing this out, it’s not hot and it’s not heavy.

I love this thing.

I really really love this thing… why doesn’t everyone just get rid of your computers, desktops or laptops and just go tablet!?

Internet browsing is easy now that these things can give you the desktop versions of website. Social media “apps”, which were designed for smartphones anyway, work great on tablets because tablets are just massive smartphones. Porn is great because, you know, safe and secure tablet with finger print lock… and writing.

I’ve been saving my writings in 3 different formats; .rtf (rich text format), .pages (Mac word processor), and .scriv (Scrivener).

Now the rtf and pages documents are readable on my tablet via the Pages app, as are my spreadsheets via the Numbers app, and the Scrivener files via the Scrivener app (£15)… however.

Most of my Scrivener files were saved on an older version of the desktop application and so couldn’t be opened in the new(‘ish) app. But it was an easy fix, just open the older files In Scrivener and re-save them… My 5 years old MacBook Pro didn’t like this and so it took 16 times longer to do than it should have, I then just uploaded them to my Dropbox account, something I had to create for the single purpose of transferring my Scrivener files to my tablet. Open the Scrivener app and sync with Dropbox and voila, I can now edit all my Scrivener projects from my iPad Pro (12.9).

I just need that fucking Bluetooth keyboard now.
The fact there is no boot up time is fantastic. You pick it up, touch it, and there you are.

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