No More Excuses!

So to-day I had a delivery. Something that should do away with stupid excuse for why I’m not writing as much as I should be… I’m using it right now, to write this post.


So there you have it, a super thin keyboard from Apple. Which means fucking expensive, though I didn’t pay full price for it. And you’d expect this to be back lit. It isn’t.

It kinda feels weird, the keys have very little travel, not unlike thin, high end laptops. But this keyboard is lacking that saticifying click at the bottom. That click which tells you tactily that you pressed a button properly and it did it’s job. But I guess the more I use it the less weird it’ll feel, so there’s another reason to type shit, and write more.

Now, my typing skills are not on a level with people that type all day at work, of course not, but it isn’t that bad, and right now I’m pretty much typing on muscle memory.

So far, and so far being the last few minutes, I’m happy with it. Not just because it cost a lot of money and I’m forcing myself to like it. But because it’s better than typing on a keyboard that has little or no tactile feeling at all, you know, the virtual keyboard that you get on all tablet, in fact all, mobile devices. It pops up when you need it and takes up half the screen and you use it by hovering your hands over it, trying not to do what you always do when typing; letting your hand rest on it. I’ve missed letting my hands/fingers rest lightly on the keyboard.

So I guess I’m done now. Done with writing this blog, maybe with this new gadget I’ll post more than I have been.

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