Job Stuff.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I love Mondays because of my new job, Landscaping. That’s not to say that I love my job, I like it sure, but love it… Nah.

I can do it, well, and I don’t have managers looking over my shoulder or co-workers not pulling their weight, as in security. Landscaping is mostly outdoors, so there is plenty of fresh air. It’s hard work, by which I mean heavy lifting, so it’s an active job that keeps me fit. And I get paid weekly, which is all well and good, you don’t have to go more then a few days with no money because you’re getting paid on Thursday or Friday, right?

Well no, what if your boss is in the habit of not doing that. I mean do I really have to remind him every fucking week that he needs to pay me? Frankly I shouldn’t have too, he should already fucking know.

So I sit here, on a Saturday afternoon typing out this blog post having not been out or gotten drunk Friday night, and it’s unlikely I’ll be heading out and getting drunk tonight either, in fact I’m not doing anything all weekend, not because I don’t want to, but because I litereally can’t afford to.

So I sit here complaining about being potless. I shouldn’t have to call my boss and ask to be paid every fucking week.

For the first time since 2005 I actually like my job. But sometimes I put serious consideration into telling my boss that unless I get paid on time each week I’m not working. No pay no work.

This of course will lead to an argument and no job.


Boss: So what do you do this weekend?

Me: Nothing.

Boss: Why not?

Me: You haven’t paid me yet.

Boss: Why didn’t you call me?

Me: Because I shouldn’t fucking have to!

That is how I envision Monday morning going. Again. He’ll try to make some kind of joke out of it which will just aggravate me more.

And the horrible thing is it’ll happen again at some point in the near future. Should I really have to put money aside for when he “forgets” to pay me?

At some point I’m going to get sick of this bullshit and just walk away. But then I’ll have no money and no job. What then?

Shit job but I know I’m go to get paid on time.

Good job but never knowing if I’m going to get paid on time.

When you live pay check to pay check you depend on getting paid on time, especially when bills are due.

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