You can see to the far right of this picture a bottle of Vat 69.

I bought that because I knew nothing of scotch and it appeared in Band of Brothers, so I thought, Cool, I’ll buy that… Next to it out of frame or bottles of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and an Irish whisky, Jameson’s.


Buy the way I’m typing out this blog while listening to David Bowie’s No Plan EP.

Back when I bought these I knew nothing of whisky or scotch… Still don’t really, except that you don’t buy whisky from your local convenience store because they will only sell the cheapest bottles of “good fun joy“… for the next level up, you need to go to Tesco!

You see that bottle of 18 Year Old Glenfiddich?

I’ve heard Glenfiddich pronounced in a few ways, Gled Fid Dick, Or Glen Fid Ditch… A Scottish buddy of mine (William) assures me it’s pronounce Glen Fid Dich. Okay so the CH at the end is pronounced the same way it is in Loch (Not pronounced Lock).


That was the first bottle of proper Scotch I’ve ever bought, and yes, it’s still more than half full… or empty, depending on your out look on life and whatever.

That bottle of 15 Year Old Glenfiddich is the second, I drink that one more because it’s £30 cheaper than the 18, which was £68 by the way.

The other two, the Lagavulin (pronounced: Laga Voo Lin) and the Aberlour (Pronounced: Aber Lour) where both bought this past weekend, Lagavulin on Saturday and the Aberlour on Sunday.

Now this is all well and good but I need more, but am restricted to what ever Tesco are selling, which ain’t a lot, I could probably buy two or three more brands that aren’t Tesco’s own brand whisky…And who wants that!?

So I did what all desperate people do… GOOGLE!

Or as I like to call it, SkyNet, because It will be the end of us all one day.

Imagine if Google (SkyNet) became sentient. It would know everything about ALL OF US.


So Google showed me this little place in London called, The Whisky Exchange


Needless to say I’ll be saving my pennies and visiting this beautiful place very soon.

I’d love a 40 year old Glenfiddich… But at £2,700 i doubt that’ll happen any time soon.

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