Am I A Whisky Snob?

On my way home from work today I had to drop by Tesco to get some bottle water, so I could freeze it because of this Sun we’re currently getting here in Blighty, I mean I’m taking up a patio, slabs and concrete underneath, navigating half way around a house and two flights of stairs, while carrying bags filled with rubble. It’s so hot we need to take “water” breaks to hydrate. So I figure freezes water would be better for this.

So I’m in Tesco, and what usually happens when I’m in Tesco’s is I wonder to the Whisky isle. More to the point, the single malt, aged, shit…

I saw this bottle;


So I checked the price but really was just doing that so the woman behind me might think that I’m trying to decide on what I want when I already knew, I hung around for a bit, the grabbed the Belvenie like it was my Dragon and I just had to have it.

So with my 2 litre bottle of Evian and an 8 pack of Coke Zero (Living the mother-fucking-dream) I got in line to pay.

Now, In Tesco when you buy Single Malt, you have to go to the customer service desk. Your see the shelves only have empty containers. You take it to the desk and they give you a container with your bottle.

So I’m in line behind this women who wanted to retire a magazine because, and I shit you not, It wasn’t a special edition, “The plastic bag it came in said it was a special edition and it’s not.” Seriously, she wanted her money back…

When I got home I found a delivery, well, four, but right now only one matters, it was two of these;


I ordered them yesterday evening… Thank You Amazon Prime.

So, I have these glasses. I only drink Scotch that is older than 12 years…

Yeah, I’m a snob.

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