So I Bought A Really Expensive Scotch!

So Yesterday I planned on visiting The Whisky Exchange in London, near Charing Cross Station, to buy a Scotch that I’d heard was very good… And expensive.



You can see, on the left, a few barrels… Yes they have barrels in the shop, not sure way, maybe I should have asked, but I didn’t so lets move on. I walked in and immediately loved the air conditioning. I looked around for this Scotch but failed to find it, I asked the girl behind the count and she told me to go down stairs.

There I found what I was looking for and something else.

First this;


The Glenfiddich Experimental Series 02, Project: XX (twenty). The is a combination of 20 different casks, all hand-picked by 20 Whisky experts picked from all over the world. Those 20 barrels had samples taken and then they were combined to create the Project XX scotch. This scotch lets you drink it is two other ways.

The first three are;

  1. Neat.
  2. On the Rocks.
  3. Cocktail

Now you can add a few drops of water to increase the flavour and Glenfiddich have tested different way to drink this and tell us to add a few flakes of sea salt to the rim of the glass. You can drink through them, or just one at a time, or add the flake to your tongue first than drink.

But enough of that, on to the bottle I when all the way to London to get.


A Longmorn 16…Not much to say really. It’s fucking amazing. And th most expensive bottle I currently own.

The Glenfiddich 18 was the most expensive at £68 ($105). But this, this is £90 ($140).


I shouldn’t have to say that I will not be drinking this one a lot… though it is fucking great… But this does mean that I can now drink more of the Glenfiddich 18.

I love Scotch;


Proper Scotch.

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