How Much Whisky is Too Much Whisky?

The short answer is: Don’t ask stupid questions!

So, how much whisky do I have now?

I decided ten weeks ago that I wanted a better kind of booze. I’d been drink beer most of my life, I’m 39 now, and though I still like beer, I wanted more.

Three weeks ago I started my two month “see if I can go two months without beer” to see if I can do it, three weeks in and I haven’t craved it at all. That maybe in part due to the whisky.

I’ve tried drinking whisky before, but the cheap shit you can get in any off license or “sweet shop” anywhere in London, never paying more then 20 quid… Why would I pay more than 20 quid?

So ten weeks ago I paid £68 for a bottle of Glenfiddich 18. A single Malt scotch whisky, and so began my latest love affair. I still have about a third of that bottle left. In the beginning I don’t want to drink it too much because it was expensive and didn’t want to spend 68 quid every few weeks on a new bottle of the 18. After this weekend that seems so fucking stupid… Or very smart and this weekend was so fucking stupid???


That was me 10 weeks ago hold my first single malt whisky. The Glenfiddich 18. Shortly after this I bought the 15;


The 15 was nice and didn’t last to long, I finished this bottle off and quickly replaced it. And then this happened;


It’s important to understand that I fucking hated this whisky when I first opened the bottle and smelt the iodine. The taste was worse and I thought I just wasted 50 quid. I was told to stick it out… So I did.

Now this is a whisky I can’t do without. The bottle in the above picture is now empty. It was taken on May 20th. Friday night after work I bought another one.

The next day this happened;


And three days after that this;


As similar as the Aberlour 12 and the Balvenie 12 are, I do prefer the Balvenie. Then I got paid and this happened a few days later;


The black bottle is a Glenfiddich Project XX (Pronouced Twenty). The other is a Longmorn 16. At the time my new most expensive bottle. And a damn fine whisky.

On June 1st this happened;


The Dalmore King Alexander III, is now the most expensive bottle of whisky I own, and will probably stay that way for some time. Unless I go fucking nuts. Which could happen so easily. The other is an Ardbeg 10, another Islay whisky like the Lagavulin.

Then on Friday (9th June) this happened;


First my Lagavulin 16b replacement. Next a Lagavulin 8 Limited 200th anniversary edition. Then a Dalmore Cigar Malt. And because I bought the Lagavulin 8 I was given this gift;


Yes, a Hip Flask… That should do nicely to stem the thoughts of my co-works that I am not an alcoholic… The yesterday I bought this;


A Suntroy Yamazaki 12. All in it’s a great whisky but the thing that cheats th whole experience is that it has, and is currently the bottle of single malt whisky I own, a plastic screw cap…

Met the team;


Shit, I forgot to mention the Highland Park 12… It’s not that great.

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