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Sunday 16th July

Right now it’s Sunday, about 1am and I can’t sleep, or at least I’m not tired enough to sleep. So I decided to pour myself a whisky, in this case a Balvenie 12 and see if I can’t get this whole new blog thing rolling.

You’ll find below a picture of a glass of Whisky.


The glass, if you’re wondering is called a Glencairn glass, and the bottle of Whisky is almost empty. I recon there is about one more pour left in it. Which is a shame because I told myself I wouldn’t buy any whisky this week… I do love a Balvenie.

I could go on for days but this post isn’t about whisky, I’ll leave that for the weekend.

So then, what is this blog about because shits-a-changin!

I going to try, once again, to get my shit together. To take writing seriously. Again. To write a blog post once a week. Again.

Okay so I’ve tried this shit out before, a few times, but I’m going about it differently this time. This time, I setting up a schedule for post blogs.

We’ll see how this goes.

I will also be taking my social media accounts more seriously, Twitter, Instagram, (Google+) and maybe YouTube. You can find links to all these beautifully dysfunctional accounts somewhere on this site (Hint: Click Socials). The point is to build up my “Brand”, I feel kinda stupid thinking of myself as a brand, but it’s where we are now, in this age of digital media.

My reasons for this is to become a writer full time, to give up my day job. Well that’s the dream anyway.

So weekdays will be used to write posts about my writing from concept to the devastating and crushing procrastination while trying too edit and rewrite that son-of-a-bitch.

I might also be postin short stories at some point in the future. These will consist of a horror series, and some Extra stories for some future project. Though those will only appear when I’m writing, and releasing those novels. When that happens I’l be sure to let you all know right here in this blog, or if you subscribe to my blogs email thing… Or social media because I’m sure I’ll post about.

Okay, I’m going to finish my whisky and go to bed.

Sunday 16th July, 12:07pm

I was supposed to wait until after the British GP to make the changes to this site, but I woke up early and just jumped right in. I was going to change the theme but, as funds are a little light right now, decided to just make my current theme better, which I think I have done. New pictures, new fonts and colours and seeing as I like it now I don’t think I’m going to make the theme change after all, I’ll keep it as is for now. If in six months I get bored I’ll make the changes.

What will I be writing about and what will I be trying to learn about?

On weekdays I’ll be writing/posting about Works in Progress, New Projects, Finished Projects, Up Dates, Writing Tips, What I’ve been Researching, and of course Procrastination.

Weekends will be about all my other interests, though I’ll only up load one post over the weekend it may contain bits and pieces of all my interests. Or maybe just a post about one of them.

What am I trying to learn?

Well, basically I’m trying to learn how to sell my Brand (Me).

I hate referring to myself as a brand, it just sounds dumb, like I should be walking around with a branded t-shirt on or something, my name in big letters encircling a picture of my stupid face. TM.

So how will I be selling my “Brand“?

Mostly through tweeting my blog posts, and retweeting and retweeting. I’ll be setting up a weekly schedule for this, and also a post on Instagram and Google+. I have put a little thought into starting a Facebook page. By little thought I mean very very little. I’ve never been a fan of that particular platform but I am aware that Facebook is one of the largest, if not the largest, social media platform. So if a time comes when I feel like I NEED (and only if I need) a Facebook account, I’ll set one up.

Where am I right now with regards to writing?

I’m currently in the first editing phase of my second novel (My first was so shite I abandoned it), September Rain. I stopped editing a while back due to, emmm…. laziness. But now I’m BACK! I’ve decided on a big change in the tone of the novel and now have to write it in and remove anything that pulls the reader away from it.

I’d rather edit a hard copy of the novel as I feel that it would make it easier for me, but I don’t have a printer, I’m looking into buying one soon (any suggestions would be appreciated). Right now I’m editing on the machine I’m writing on, my iPad Pro (The big one).

Monday 17th July

Work went well, a pretty easy, relaxing day, just putting up some fencing. Most likely be doing that for the next few days. It’s a long fucking fence. After two big jobs back to back, it’s nice to have one that isn’t difficult, doesn’t require any real thought, that we can just relax while doing. No stress.

Got home a little after 5pm, had a shower, then got started editing. This edit is just a quick pass to clean shit up. I haven’t read any of this since I wrote it, so it needs some clarification. I started editing at about 6pm. It’s now 8:18pm and I’ve edited 3 chapters (quick pass, remember?). There are 34 chapters so at this rate it shouldn’t take long to get through it all before I start really editing this bitch. And of course this quick edit will get me reacquainted with the story. Yay!

I listened to The Velvet Underground & Nico and drank a glass of Johnnie Walker Double Black Whisky, because, you know, I’m a writer, and writers drink whisky, don’t they?


This is how I want shit to happen, when I’m not writing I should be: planning the next project, developing ideas into something conherant, researching, *drinking whisky, or reading.

Sounds like a plan. Now all I need is the discipline to actually do this.

Wednesday, 19th July

So far the editing is going well. Don’t really have anything to talk about except that last night, after editing six chapters, I felt like I shouldn’t stop, like I owed it to myself to keep going, but sometimes, I just have to say “NO”. I don’t want this to become a chore because if it does I’ll stop.

Right now, I have loud music being played. And by loud I mean bad. And a kid shouting. The same fucking kid that always shouts this time of day. Right when I’m trying to concentrate on writing/editing. My fucking luck.

I seriously need to move out to the country!

Tonight I will be drinking a Laphroaig 10, a Lagavulin 12, and an Ardbeg 10. All Islay Whiskies. This is the challenging stuff. Let the editing continue.

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