Two Months Without Beer | Sunday

Sunday 16th, July.

Two mouths ago I decided to give up beer. I’d came to realise I was drinking WAAAAY too much of it and figured if I could give it up for a few months then that would mean I’m not hooked, right?

Two months later and I haven’t been craving it at all. There have been days of blistering sunshine and hard sweaty work, which under normal circumstances would cause a guy to crave the stuff, but I haven’t. At all.

Could be down to the Whisky though.

In the beginning I wondered if I could go a few days let a long a few months. I’d tried before to give up beer, and then it was only for a week. I lasted 2 days, the craving was to much and I caved. So later I wondered if I could actually do it, and if I’d be hooked on the stuff for life drinking 20+ pints from Friday to Sunday, with the odd pint or two (daily) during the week. At this point I have to admit I was a little worried that I was hooked, and unable to get off the stuff.

Last Sunday I bought my first two beers and, after drinking lots of whisky in that time (*on average one glass every other night*), the beer just didn’t have the same impact I remember it having. Even the taste was a little muted. I guess I’d rather buy a good bottle of Whisky than 20 cans of beer.

The familiar sound of the ring pull cracking and the gas trapped inside escaping, the fizz as you pour it, the smell the look, the feel the sound the taste… all to familiar. But then I drank half of the first pint and actually though it was vile. Stella Artois was never my brand but I’ve always liked it. Okay it could have just been a bad one, as you sometimes get. Not quite up to the standard you’re used to so when you get a bad one, it’s just like drinking favoured water. Maybe the next one will be better, but I’ll never find out as I gave it away, in favour of my new bottle of Whisky: Johnnie Walker Double Black;


And lets face it, I’m a writer, so I have to drink Whisky, right?

Yesterday I drank the second pint, and it was okay. Just okay, nothing special. Has single malt whisky changed my tastes bud so that beer is tasteless?

Or maybe my taste buds just expect something more.

Okay, before you guys get on my case about whisky being a minimum of 40% alcohol and beer being an average of 5%… A pint of beer is 2.4 units and a glass of 40% whisky is only 1 unit. It’s in the amount you drink.

So, yeah… Relax.

Now, today, I can drink beer again I still haven’t had cravings like I used to. I’d usually buy 4 cans on a Friday night and usually 6 to 8 cans on Saturday and Sunday (12 – 16 total). But like a good writer I went to my favourite whisky shop, The Whisky Exchange in Charing Cross and bought;


A Glenfarclas 21, a Balvenie 14, and a Longmorn Distillers Choice. I’ve tasted them, video below, and they’re all very smooth, easy going Whiskies. I could drink any of these every day.

Like any hobby or collection, once you buy enough you have to reorganise your collection. With books I had to buy an extra book shelf. With records I had to buy an extra IKEA cube thing…? But with whisky it’s just a matter of shifting them around until they all fit;



The right side and the back hide all the good stuff, the ones in front are those to be drunk and forgotten. Yes that is a hip flask… still as empty as the day I was given it because I bought a particular bottle of scotch.

I love Whisky, and will always be drinking it. If I’m out with friends and know it’s going to be a long ass night of boozing it up then sure, I’ll drink beer for a bit. But my drinking heart will always find its way back to whisky because after all, my heart rests at the bottom of a bottle of Lagavulin 16.

I want to be buried, not in a coffin, but a cask that aged Lagavulin 16.


3 Comments on “Two Months Without Beer | Sunday

  1. Wow. Don’t think I could ever truly give up beer. First love. After all we’ve been through. It would be so unwise to dump my first kiss for his richer, better looking brother..bourbon.

    Liked by 1 person

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