Not My Netflix?

It all started after the Formula 1 race in Hungry when I received an Email


Netflix was informing me that I had changed my email address. Thing is, I hadn’t.

I figured it was a glitch, I mean this shit happens, right? So I open the app and go ambling through unable to understand anything because I can’t read Spanish, yes, this mother fucker changed the language settings too. I manage to get to the accounts page and notice something out of the ordinary. The email address on this account, isn’t mine. (should have been obvious by the email I received);


I know it’s bad form to “drop docs” but I don’t fucking care, this piece of shit basically stole my account from me. All the payment details were still mine, obviously. I couldn’t change the password back because Ney had changed that too. This meant I had lost my account but was still paying for it.


I also figured out that the email provider likes anonymous accounts, and encourages it. I figure that the address is gone now.

This is partly my fault though, my password was pretty basic, something that would be easier to type out using the apple remote for the Apple TV… Quick and simple I figured would be best. I tried and I tried to regain control but just found myself going around in circles.

So I went back to the email, at the bottom there was a phone number. I called it and a nice gentlemen, with some basic information from me, was able to change my account email address back to my own, and send me through a change of password request.

My password is now far more complex.

All in all this took maybe 30 minutes.

Because I never log out of my account, I still had access to it. This is why I was about to navigate and figure out Ney’s email address. Needless to say I sent that piece of shit a message.

Let this be a lesson to you all, have a different password for EVERYTHING, and change it periodically. It’s a pain in the arse I know, having to spend an hour every few months changing passwords, but it’ll keep your shit safer. I use an app called ‘Cryptical’.


No, that is not my Netflix password.

You can change the number of characters in the password, in this case it’s set to 20. I can have lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols. I think it goes up to 99 characters. I use this app to change all my passwords, and as I rarely log out of anything I never have a problem, and if I do, it’s usually easy enough to tap that ‘forgot my password’ button and change it, for another random 20 character jumble.

I think that’s enough for to-day, I’m going to pour myself a whisky and edit this post.

The bastard also added all these profiles.


It must be wonderful. Stealing from people. Adding a profile for your kids, until I change the name of that profile to ‘Cunt Squirts’. Just imagine, you tell you kids that they have netflix “Yay’ and then, 30 minutes later, it’s gone… I wonder if these people like disappointing their kids?

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