Expansion | Editing

You know how a creative mind never stops ticking over, the ideas coming in quick succession. This is great if you’re a writer because we need those fucking ideas to write. Without them we’re just mindless idiots staring at a computer screen, drooling on the keyboard while our eyes burn from pixels that are to bright at 3am.

The problem is it never really stops working, sleepless nights even insomnia take over our life’s. We hate it.

But we also love it.

So, when you’ve just finished a first draft of a novel, left it for a month or so, then given it a once over you start to play with it, restructure it slightly, but never really change anything significant. Until that moment your brain tells you, “Your book would work better if you added this thing you never thought of before,”.

You think that it’s a wonderful idea, and then more ideas start popping up, now you have another sub-plot and you main plot takes up another six chapters. One’s you never counted on, which means you have to figure out where in your novel they’re going to sit, and what you’re going to have to change before hand so it doesn’t look like you just shoehorned them in after the fact.


Also, it might, as in my case, mean that you are going to have significant changes after that new addition. New out looks for your main characters, a new urgency, new stress and a whole bunch of new chapters to write.

It’s then you realise your book, the one you thought you finished months ago, ain’t finished. And frankly it never will be.

Your book will never be finished, even when it’s on book shelves in book shops, you’re still going to want to change things. Paper/Hard back books can only be changed with new editions being printed. eBooks, you just make the changes and re-upload to the service that you’re selling them through.

Sorry for the shortness of this post. I wrote it a few days ago as was supposed to expand it yesterday and today but yesterday I injured my knee at work, and due to incredible pain my mind just wan’t up it, and today I started off at the hospital with a physiotherapist, I got home and did some more, then, got very bored and fell asleep. I’m used to working all day so being at home is just weird, I got bored and tired and sleepy, so I didn’t finish this post off.

Maybe I’ll revisit the topic sometime later.


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