What Happens when YouTube removes comments?

This morning I woke up to a notification on YouTube. A comment had been left on one of my videos;

I read this and, in my blurry eyed, just woken up state I had no idea what this guy was talking about.

The back story;

I posted a video to YouTube on the 22nd of October 2016 (the video is at the bottom of this post) but fo now, here is the link (https://youtu.be/voWaV4RhIrk). His first comment was, “Fucking Whore. Hahaha.” And of course like a normal person I just ignore it. I didn’t remove it because I hate censoring people, and I would like everyone who watching this video to see the idiot.

Hey man, I’m happy to let people express their thoughts and opinions, but there is no need to be a dick about it. His comment was about a month ago and I’d frankly forgotten about it, until someone else commented about this beautiful woman covering her body in tattoos and piercings, I replied with something like, “It’s her choice to make, not yours.” And like normal people, her (the commenter) and me, that was that, she expressed her opinion, I acknowledged it, we moved past it.

Now, the guy up there, who made that “Fucking whore” comment, he wasn’t the same, I made my reply after replying to the last comment. I can’t remember what that comment was and I would go check, but I can’t because YouTube seems to have removed the entire thread. This threat went on for about a week, there were dozens of comments. I have to admit I did kinda cock it up at the start, but this guy just kept throwing out the insults to another guy who comment only the once, to the subject of the video and of course to me. At the start I tried to figure out who he though she was a “whore”, he said that the video was evidence. I disagreed. He didn’t like me disagreeing with him, and that was my mistake, trying to understand him. You see, to me it never made any sense, but then it’s not up to me to make sense of it. If it makes sense to him to call her a whore, and to truely believe that, then it is what it is. This only needs to make sense to him. And in that there it’s no chance of swaying his mind to see what he called “Heathen Logic”.

I at some point mentioned that I’d never delete the thread because it showed the existence of this guy as the “sad pathetic little man that you seem to be”. So when Youtube, In their infinite wisdom, delete the thread I wake up to that comment (Top). And of course, he thinks I removed them. Which means YouTube has made me look like the “Fucking Pussy” he describes.

You guys are, at this point going to wonder why I went so deep with this, now gone, thread? Honestly, I was bored. And sometimes when I’m bored I seek out people like him to keep myself occupied. I did leave the thread at one point, for a few days, but bordom struck and I was right back in with a different tact. I saw him like a human being in pain, reaching out for help, for someone to talk to.

So with the original thread gone I wake up to that comment (top), and this thread ensued;

This is one of these conversation that would have been so much easier in person because he would have seen me laughing at him rather than him thinking I was angry. Though to be fair I am a little pissed about that thread being removed.

All you guys have to go on is what I have said here, my side, how I saw it. Which is only one side of this. Left this name exposed in these comment screen caps so you’d know that, if you ever see that name or that picture, just ignore it. Handle better than I did.


I was able to find these still in the Google notification tap on Chrome. I tried to find them in Google+ but there gone. Also I haven’t been able to find my replies/comments yet but I’m still looking. Again this all looks one sided and I am sorry for that, if I’m able to track down my comments I’ll post them too. Where there is an image with two comments on it, read the bottom one first;


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