‘I was Established in 1977. I’ma Writer. Reader. Vinyl Collector. Simplicity Enthusiast.’

I write Neo-Noir, Pulp, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy, and you know what..? It ain’t fucking easy. Trying to find the right flow of words that make sense to other people and trying to write a collection of words that don’t come off like a child wrote them. I usually fail. And when I do, you’ll know about it in this blog ’cause i’ma tell you all about it.

I Love books, its illness, I can’t just walk in and look around then leave, I feel like I need to buy at least two. So I have lots of books, mostly unread.

Then in November of 2013 my addiction to Vinyl records began. I collect them now. Led Zeppelin. Bob Dylan. Eric Clapton, etc etc… Most of my disposable income goes to this habit. I catalogue them, photograph them, and blog them. The information comes straight from Wikipedia but the pictures are mine. I get a lot of joy out of sitting around on a Sunday just listening to music.

I like things to be simple. I dislike complications. Maybe I shouldn’t be a writer then? Life should be simple, and not a mess of bullshit. Work provided me with an abundance of daily bullshit, from 06:20 when my alarm clock went off to 20:20 when I finally got home. I needed to quit. But now I have no money… For my Book/Vinyl habit.

Feel free to check me out around the interwebz go to the ‘[Anti] Social‘ page and you’ll find links to such sites as Google+, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram, it’s great, i’m great, you’ll love me.

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