For now. This page is empty, clearly. But it will contain art work a a synopsis of my books, with links to where you can buy them, and one to the blogs here (category).

Raven Blackwater.

An urban fantasy story about a young girl, named Raven, who has tele-kinetic powers. This will be a very dark story about Raven trying to escape her surroundings, a hospital in the north east of England, where she has been most of her life after an incident with her abusive father. Forgotten by her alcoholic mother, Raven tries to find her place in the world while being the subject of experimentation, to bring out her power for a billionaire industrialist and philanthropist, who wants to use paranormal powers to do better business, or so she thinks. She is not only trying to escape the only world she has ever known, but she is trying to figure out who she is, Raven Blackwater is not her real name. That has been lost. She must escape the hospital, find her mother, and discover who she is.

CROW – The Russian Connection.

When the Russian leader of the Prague underworld is assassinated, attention turns to a, Simon Crow, a hitman out of London. The weapon used, a long range sniper rifle, has his prints all over it, all evidence points to Simon as the killer, yet he says he was in Paris, stamped passport to prove it. The russian and those who set him up are out to get him, but he just won’t come quietly. Simon fights with the life he has, the life he grew into, the life he had love for so long, and now it’s crashing down around him in a shower of blood and bodies. Can Simon Crow prove his innocence, before more people die. Can he over come his weakness to safe the people closest to him. Can he come out of this in one piece without loosing everything that matters?

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