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Forensic Psychology – Week 1

WEEK 1: INTRODUCTION TO EYEWITNESS PSYCHOLOGY. It’s actually quite disturbing just how wrong someone can be about who they “think” they saw. Even if they made a conscious decision to pay as much attention as they can while they are being raped. In the end, in a line up you’re most likely going to chose […]

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To-day I started on my next project.

A Neo Noir/Pulp fiction detective whose name i’ll tell you all in good time. It’s 01:23 right now and I finished chapter one of: – (Detectives Name) – In The Belly Of The Cockroach about ten minutes ago. It’s nine and a half pages and carries 2441 words. Some of it good some of it […]

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New Old Ideas | Blog

So, i’ve written a detective novel (rewriting it now. Well, not now, now i’m writing this post when I should be rewriting my book but Noooo you want content you selfish BASTARDS!)… sorry, got side tracked there for a second. Okay, basically I want to write a series of detective novels in the Pulp/Neo Noir/Holmesian […]

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