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To All You New People…

This is me; Yes, i’m wearing an expensive suit. And i look swerve, i also have a vodka Martini just out of frame (That’s a lie, it’s a beer). I usually wear suits ’cause that’s how i roll. By that i mean i wear a suit for work. Usually a black one as i’m a […]

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A few Years Early.

So i might have mentioned in some earlier post that i’m already planning a project that i’m a few years away from starting. That project isĀ Of Wolves and Crows and Broken Bones an epic fantasy. I still haven’t decided on how many books it’ll be, i just know that it’s more then three. Think saga […]

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Of Wolves and Crows and Broken Bones.

So i just came here to quickly throw this post up. But i got a little distracted when i realised i had 102 spam comments to go through. And by go through i mean delete. Fucking spam! So anyway, Wolves and Crows is project number six so i won’t be anywhere near writing it for […]

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