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I’ve Only Myself To Blame.

How Do You Set Time Goals? There are hundreds of books I want to read and Lots to study, but I never seem to have the time. This is what I tell myself anyway, but the truth of the matter is, I have plenty of time, I just don’t know how to use it properly. […]

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Deduction: Part 2

Holy shit! So this book isn’t much better, spelling, grammar, and just bad writing in general… This reeks of self publishing, and clearly nobody read this book before it was published. No peer review, just some dude who has read Sherlock Holmes, and watched the shows and movies and thinks, “I can do that. But […]

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Taking The Leap From…

‘Desktop computer to laptop isn’t, and will never be, a big deal, lots of people have done it and benefitted from the added mobility, not being chained to a single location. Now what about the leap for laptop to tablet, putting all your computer needs to something commonly referred to as a “device” and not […]

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The Elements of Style.

I bought this book by William Strunk jr. and E.B. White many years ago, but being someone who failed his English exam quite miserably not a lot of it made much sense.

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“Shit!” Said Pointless.

And damn right you should be saying shit mutha fucka (to be said in the voice of Samuel L Jackson). Today (July 18th) I edited chapter 7 of ‘Where There Are No Eyes’ (formally Shadow of Doubt) which had a character whose purpose seemed a little pointless. He just seemed to be filling a hole and checking a minority box.

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Writers BLOCK!


I have to admit, I don’t like the phrase.

I have to point out at this point, some writers don’t get “writers block”. These I suspect are people who have been writing for a long time and didn’t just decide one day while working in their Orwellian cubical, where if you even think, ‘I hate my job’ the thought police will drag you away to room 101. And if you return you’ll not only be a studious worker but you’ll be on the fast track to management. Good for you.

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When Should You Rest?

Every weekend or when your book is complete?

When is the best time to drop the pen, down tool, take a nap without the deadline nightmares. Though those nightmare usually feed a good story. Rest is important to us all and if you have to commute to work then you get some. Because once you leave work you’re done for the day and or weekend.

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Setting Writing Goals.

Will make your book writing process less scary because if you sit back and think to yourself;

“Today I’m going to edit that 900 page manuscript”
Then you open page 1 and and get started. 4 hours later you’re on page 4 of 900. It’s at that moment you realise;

“Shit! This is gonna take me FOR EVA!”
And yes. Yes it will, with that lazy ass attitude. Cowboy up and get to it!

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Life… Who Needs It?

Because when you’re in the thick of a writing binge it kicks you in the nuts. And I mean it swipes passed the right one and lands a good solid contact with the left nut and crushes that sperm factory against your pelvis.

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For the first time in my writing career (har har) i’ve actually set out a plan for writing and editing a piece of work. It seem’s weird I never did this before but there you go. Earlier I finished a short online course that should help me create more economical and elegant works in a way that doesn’t suck to much.

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