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“Shit!” Said Pointless.

And damn right you should be saying shit mutha fucka (to be said in the voice of Samuel L Jackson). Today (July 18th) I edited chapter 7 of ‘Where There Are No Eyes’ (formally Shadow of Doubt) which had a character whose purpose seemed a little pointless. He just seemed to be filling a hole and checking a minority box.

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Editing: Redundant Information.

While editing chapter 3 last week I realised a lot of information in this chapter is mirrored in chapter 7. This basically means the information in chapter 7 is redundant and not really needed, except I need it there. I also need it in chapter 3.


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Setting Writing Goals.

Will make your book writing process less scary because if you sit back and think to yourself;

“Today I’m going to edit that 900 page manuscript”
Then you open page 1 and and get started. 4 hours later you’re on page 4 of 900. It’s at that moment you realise;

“Shit! This is gonna take me FOR EVA!”
And yes. Yes it will, with that lazy ass attitude. Cowboy up and get to it!

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Editing: Shadow of Doubt.

Shadow of Doubt is a crime story about Detective Chief Inspector Robert Carter who is trying to solve a series of horrific murders while dealing with his own personal problems, a promise he shouldn’t have made, and bureaucratic BS.

So yesterday I worked on chapters 1 and 2 of my second novel ‘Shadow of Doubt’ and today i’m starting on chapter 3 and I guess we’ll see how far I get. Hoping to work on chapter 4 too, but we’ll see.

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The time consuming process in which you try to make something not suck.

You’ve just spend the better part of a year working your fingers to their boney little stubs spilling your life’s blood all over the keyboard. And do you know how fucking hard it is to clean a keyboard without taking it apart key by poxy KEY!?

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It’s hard to come by when you have no support structure at home. When you spend hours on end sitting in front of you computer procrastinating over the smallest sentence because it doesn’t feel just right and every one else thinks you’re just sitting that, wasting time on social media, as if that’s the only reason to sit and use a computer these days.

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For the first time in my writing career (har har) i’ve actually set out a plan for writing and editing a piece of work. It seem’s weird I never did this before but there you go. Earlier I finished a short online course that should help me create more economical and elegant works in a way that doesn’t suck to much.

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And the Writing Goes On.

A few days ago I cracked my knuckles and started editing… Again. Yes I know I know that i’ve been editing this damn book for an age but I got distracted by life, and unemployment, and a new job, kinda, and time just seemed to get away from me and I left the book by […]

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To-day I started on my next project.

A Neo Noir/Pulp fiction detective whose name i’ll tell you all in good time. It’s 01:23 right now and I finished chapter one of: – (Detectives Name) – In The Belly Of The Cockroach about ten minutes ago. It’s nine and a half pages and carries 2441 words. Some of it good some of it […]

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New Old Ideas | Blog

So, i’ve written a detective novel (rewriting it now. Well, not now, now i’m writing this post when I should be rewriting my book but Noooo you want content you selfish BASTARDS!)… sorry, got side tracked there for a second. Okay, basically I want to write a series of detective novels in the Pulp/Neo Noir/Holmesian […]

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