Other blogs to come…

So, in this Blog i wrote earlier (HERE) i said that i couldn’t remember any of the blog ideas i had last night (Monday) and i remember coming up with quite a few.
So all day i’ve not really been thinking about them, except in that blog i wrote earlier. And now more then 12 hours later i have managed to remember most of them, and have written them down so this time i don’t really have an excuse for forgetting, unless i loose my note pad.
I found this note pad in one of my many man draws, it contains lots of notes i’d written years ago, actually its half filled, i had completely forgotten about it, hmmmmmm and wasn’t even looking for it, i was looking for prompt cards instead and i find a thick note pad filled with forgotten ideas. I’m guessing there’s a blog in there somewhere too. Hang on a sec………………… note made in the ex-lost note pad.
I’m not sure when i’ll start writing these other blogs, maybe tomorrow but i might not post them until i’m happy with them. They might end up being pretty long so i want to make sure they are good, and i’ll have to dive into my memory, which doesn’t work to good, so a lot of thinking might be needed……….. bare with me.
I have one on my past and current situation. Another which goes past that and to some place i want to be within the next few years. One about a girl and one about sleep oddness.

Gym. Week 6.1 Tuesday.

First day back after the week off.

Seconds before pushing 2 20kg dumb bells

So i couldn’t go yesterday, which was annoying but i had a great session today, Chest, Tri-ceps and Abs.
I pushed quite hard today, i meant to go easy but i felt so good in the first few reps that i just decided to go for it. Pretty much started where i left off before the rest period week off, last week.
Its a great gym, The Works Gym in high barnet, but we spent the first 30 minutes listening to reggae music, which just made we want to shoot someone, then after a moments silents the night club music came on. Personally i think its all shit, but as i don’t run the place i have to put it out of my mind and just get on with my work out. I would just use my iPhone but i don’t work out alone. My mate Lee is training me. And it would be rude to ignore him.
Back in the Gym tomorrow (Wednesday) for Back and Bi-ceps then Friday for Legs and shoulders.



A friend of mine, a fella named Lee called by my place back in Feb, during my ‘Get Fit Feb’ phase. Get Fit Feb incidentally failed big time. Like George W Bush at a spelling bee. Anyway i hadn’t seen this dude for some time, he used to live around the corner and we use to hang out all the time, but he’s since moved on….
Playing: White Limo – Foo Fighters, Wasting Light (Website)
Last time i saw him he was, well, there really is no nice why to put it, he was a fat ass, ever since he got out of prison, yes and i’m not going to mention why he was in there, it was a wrong crowd kinda thing, but now he’s like fit with muscles every where, he mentioned that he would train me, seeing as i was getting a little, flabby, saggy and generally unfit.
I’d been this way for awhile, having worked Security for 5 years, more on Security in another blog. But it does cause you to gain weight as its a very low motion job, lots of sitting around doing nothing. This then moved into my daily life i became more inactive and slowly the flab took hold and i was starting to get a belly. Being a lazy ass i couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it at that point, i mean it wasn’t that bad, just a little flab. Anyway this continued for years and thats what really started the Get Fit Feb phase, a notion that if i can get exercise for one month ‘Feb 2011’ i could maybe continues doing it, make it a daily habit..?
I started with raining, in order to build my stamina, i used an iPhone app called Couch to 5K, where you run for 1 minutes then walk for 90 seconds and basically repeat this for 20 minutes, three times for one week, then the times change a bit for the second week and so on until your running for 30 minutes straight. 
Yeah, that sounds great in theory on on paper or any other analogy you can think of that doesn’t actually involve you doing any running, i found this very hard to do, but was determined to finish the month out, hoping that by the end of February  i’d be fit enough to continue, and not only that but i’d want to continue.
Anyway, during the second week i fell sick, only a cold but it laid me out so i took a break from the running, which i never did get back to, i guess i used the cold as an excuse to stop doing it. Yea i know i know… I probably didn’t what to do it in the first place anyway right?
So later in February, my mate Lee appears, haven’t seen this dude in awhile, and he looks healthy and fit, he said if i want to he’d train me. I said, sure that would be great, we talked for a few hours on this subject and i kinda just agreed with him with no real intention of taking him up on his offer, i mean i’ve been to Gym’s before and hated it every time, i always felt really self conscious, like everyone is watching you.
A few days later, after our chat, i decided that if i want this flab gone i need to act. Someone once said to me “Shut the fuck up and just do it” so this time i listened. I called Lee and said, When can we get started, this was a Thursday i think. we started on Monday, i felt that i needed to start as soon as possible, cause i longer i wait, the more chance i’d have to back out.
Monday came and my first Gym session was great. This Gym, The Works Gym. isn’t like the other Gym’s i’ve been to, no spin classes, no Yoga, no Pilates. Just big ass heavy machines and maybe a few treadmills and cross trainers up stairs. And the guys that run it are Mixed Martial Artist. Cool.
So, on Mondays we do our chest and tri-cepts, and sometimes our abs
On Wednesdays we do our back and bi-cepts, and sometimes out abs
On Fridays we do our legs and shoulders
And we never do the same thing more then once every three weeks or so, to make sure our muscles don’t adapt.
For the first 5 weeks at least one part of my body ached or was sore, but a good sore, after awhile it just felt good to ache a little, not sure what that says about me, if anything, but i felt good. Sometimes we’d push heavy weights with low reps other times we’d push lighter weight with more reps, other times even lighter weights but we’d do supersets, 3 or 4 exercises with no rest in-between, then rest for 90 seconds then do it again. We’d do that 3 or 4 times and by the end me muscles would be on fire. Then we’d go push a heavy weight with that muscles group, this would actually make those muscles feel better and not ache so much after. The soreness the day after and the day after that wasn’t so bad after awhile.
This past week has been a rest period and tonight, supposed to be yesterday, but tonight we start up again and i’m looking forwards to getting stuck in again.
Ok, i’m done.

Other Blogs…….

Playing: Bridge Burning – Foo Fighters, Wasting Light (From website)

Hey everyone, who aren’t reading this right now, because i just started doing this and no one really knows that i’m doing it. : /
So, i guess i should mention that i do have other Blogger accounts. And haven’t really been updating those much lately. So why am i starting a whole new blogger blog?
The other blogger account was attached to the wrong Google account. Yes it really is that simple.
You see i started a blogger blog years ago, and still have those, yes those, plural, accounts. I may link it in the side bar —>
But as that blogger account was linked to my FiskFilmLtd youtube account, which i never really logged into very often, it was never open. I’m always using my FiskyJay youtube account and in order to use those other blogger accounts, i would have to log out of my fiskyjay Google account, log into my FiskFilmLtd account, just to write a blog, then go back to my fiskyjay account to use my main Youtube account. This go annoying so i stopped doing it.
My Fiskyjay account used an Alias eMail and my Fisk Film account used my original eMail address and instead of linking the older blogger account to the fiskyjay account i linked it, without really thinking to my original eMail address, which linked it to my Fisk Film account.
I hope that makes sense, because i got confused typing it.
Basically i didn’t want to have to log out of my main Google account to write blogs no one was reading. There i said it, happy now.
So i started this new blogger account with my main google account, of cause i had to call it something different, read my first blog for details on name concept and meaning (HERE) this way it will always be open and i can write blogs as i think of a topic i want to write about….
Playing: Rope – Foo Fighters, Wasting Light (From website)
Yes i’m listening to the entire album, again, cause i love it, its great.
Anyway where was i……….?
Oh yeah. So with this blog being easier to access i can just write without fucking about with Google accounts.
This Google account linking bullshit has caused me such a headache, trust me i have 3 youtube accounts and google accounts, why we can’t just link more then one youtube account to just a single Google account is beyond me, i guess it gives them some kind of control over users *shrug*

Last night…….

I had a few ideas for more blog posts, i planned to write them today, but for the life of me i can’t remember what the hell i wanted to write about. Annoying.
Life would be easier if i could write these blogs without having to turn on my desk top computer (5 year old iMac, the white one), i love this machine, but turning it on at 3 am to write a blog isn’t really practical is it?
Having a laptop or even an iPad would be better, then i could just write them in bed. Ok i’m just trying to justify buying either one right now, but they would help. Right i think i’ll just try to come up with another system that is maybe cheaper, like writing a few notes on a piece of paper with a pencil, or the notes app on my iPhone. BUt seriously i need to do something because i remember them being good topics and now that i can’t remember what they were i’m a little pissed that i can’t write them.
Soooo anyway, last night i couldn’t be bothered to put my bed down. I sleep on a sofa bed, and i decided to just ‘crash’ on my couch, not sure why i do that because its not easy to actually fall asleep on it, its a little over 2 foot wide, inclined with a vertical on the bottom end, so if i roll over onto my right side my face is buried into the back rest. Your probably wondering why i do that and not just convert it into a the bed. Which isn’t exactly difficult to do. Lift/push/lower done. but because the padding is so, used its hard so i have a mattress which i then left onto the top, makes for a more comfortable sleep. And in the morning i have to lift it off the bed and lift/push/lower the bed to transform it into the sofa again. And i just could be bothered to do that last night, i was tired and just wanted to crash out on something remotely comfortable, which it just about is.
Of course it took sometime for me to “drop” off and during this pre REM sleep phase i was thinking about those Blogs i have now forgotten about.
My mind is utterly useless.

First post………..Head Trip Chronicles.

Why the name Head Trip Chronicles?
Well, i made this “new” blog with no prior planning and no name in mind, yea i know, so i was just looking around me for something that sounded like it might be interesting, like if you saw this blog, you’d wonder “What the fuck is Head Trip Chronicles?” well thats what i hope happens anyway, but i guess it all comes down to just being interesting.
Interesting i guess is subjective, what i find interesting you might not.
But fuck it i’ll just do this any ways, who gives a fuck if you don’t like it, what do i care *sob*, ok i was kidding i don’t really cry, cause i’m a guy and guys don’t cry, we get shit in our eyes, but we sure as shit don’t cry.
I turned to my right, to a bunch, not so much a stack, more a bunch, of books, two of which have their spines facing me, the first one is called “Head Trip” by Jeff Warren. I recently found out i may have Hypnopompic Sleep Paralysis (Thats for another blog all together, i promise) and i bought it to get some insight in to what Hypnopompic actually is. So thats was the first part of my name, HEAD TRIP.
The second book is “The Fry Chronicles” by Steven Fry (British Treasure) who was very nearly born in New Jersey. He’s a cool guy and i find the man interesting so i bought the book.
I wish i had a far more interesting story on how i came up with the name for this little bloggy woggy but there it is. Two books with their spines facing me ‘Head Trip Chronicles’ is decided.
Wait………. shit………. should i have put ‘The’  at the beginning?
Nah, fuck it. Head Trip Chronicles is cooler then The Head Trip Chronicles.
What is the point of this blog. Don’t ask me i have no real idea, figured i’d just write shit, @JenFriel does it every day, and when i read her stuff, which is usually just stuff thats happen or happening in her life, she posts on www.talknerdytomelover.com so go check her out. If you do and like the site, tell her i sent you. What? she’s a hot nerdy chick. and i could do with the points.
I guess she’s the reason i’m starting this lengthy and most likely pointless blog. She always posts a recent picture of herself, maybe i’ll do the same?
I don’t always look like this…….
Another thing she does is tell you what she is listening to at the moment she starts typing. In my case, Bridge Burning by the Foo Fighters (New Album Wasting LIght due out April 11th but you can listen to the entire album on their website cause they posted it all there. Cool)
So i guess i’ll be posting about what ever is going on in my life at the moment i write a blog. I’ll try to be funny, no guarantees though. I’ll post about the weird things that happen in my head, my sleep paralysis, which is epically weird, and my endeavour to find a fucking job, and the completely fucked up fact that i’m only going to get a job i hate, i’m unemployed (Don’t worry, not going to bore you with that crap) but i need a job fast, so Security it is. For now!
Its 2:32am, so i might leave you here and do something else, my eyes hurt and my brain just left me sitting here to shag my pillow.
If you like this shit that follow me on twitter @Fiskyjay and watch my daily (so far) vlogs on Youtube.com/fiskyjay. Yes i’m not completely above whoring myself out to the masses. I’m an attention whore don’t you know. And if you have a twitter account, so are you. Fore shame :D

Yes, i’m copying her format, with the hash tags and other bits and pieces.

750 Words Thursday, 21 July 2011

I forgot all about you, sorry.

Before I start down this road I just want to say right now that I think the argument as to which is best Mac or PC (Windows) is ridicules. You just use which ever system best suits your needs and ignore all the Mac fan boys and PC lovers.

So. I posted a joke photo of my Gym mixer cup last night on Google+. Its a normal £3 mixer cup I just put an Apple sticker on it. For no really reason I just thought it would be funny. This is a response I got;

iThinkiWanttovomit! In what ways won’t Apple fanbois embarrass themselves in order to show how fanatically brain dead they can be? “Yes Master Steve, iZombie #149384 will now spend $50 on $2 cup because it have Apple logo on it!” YEESH! Jason…. SLAP! Snap out of it man! It’s a friggin’ computer! It isn’t even a GOOD computer! COME BACK TO US MAN!!! There’s still hope! Here, sniff this, yes, that’s a big pile of software you can’t run on a Mac, sniff it again, come back to us! Here, look, a second mouse button! Look, even more mouse buttons! See? Computers with 10 times the processing power, discrete graphics, twice the memory and larger hard drives at a tenth the price, you remember those don’tcha? Yeah! You can be saved! I know it!”

Now it could just be a joke or he could be serious it doesn’t really matter. Because what it details is a typical response in the argument of Mac Vs PC. The guy who wrote it is a friend and we have crossed swords on this topic before and I do believe this is just a joke.

But like I said its a typical response. Why does it matter if I use a Apple Macintosh computer over a PC and why should it matter to me weather someone uses a Windows based PC over an Apple? The Answer it fucking does matter, it never did, the only people that actually care about this are those small minded fools who thing that its an argument that actually matters.

A friend of mine, incidentally the guy who got me into Mac’s in the first place, thinks that this is an important discussion/argument. I for the life of me I can’t figure out why that is or why he even cares so much about it.

True enough at first I was in the Mac Fan Boy corner defending Mac’s to the death, but later came the enlightened reasoning that it simply doesn’t matter who uses what, both have their merits and if you can’t deal with that you really need to get out more, there are far more important things in life the Mac Vs PC, seriously people. GET OVER IT, Mac nut jobs and PC pricks both. Get the fuck over it. Cause I don’t care.

I’ve been using a Mac for about 5 years now and I’ve never had the troubles or issues I’ve had with PC’s. I’m told that I need to learn how to use a PC properly…? What the fuck people, I just want to use a computer not go to school. I just don’t care weather you like Mac or not, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

But what I am getting sick of is that as soon as some posts something on a social network about either a Mac or a PC some prick stands up and points, then laughs, and shouts “You should have bought a Mac/PC” trust me all these people are the same, tired old sexually repressed numpties. Ignore them all.

Personally I would rather not have that crap following me where ever I go. And now something new has entered the fold. The Google Android mobile operating system. When ever Apple does something wrong with either the iPhone or the iOS you can be sure there will be an Android user, creeping out from behind a dark corner, ready  to pounce screaming about how awesome the Android is that you made a mistake in going with the iPhone.

These people really irk me, seriously, get a FUCKING LIFE and please fuck the fuck off.

The next personal to stand in front of me while I’m checking my eMails and say “iPhone, pfft you should have gotten an Android mate” is going to get fucking decked.

To all you people out there, Mac users. PC users. Android and iPhone users. Grow the fuck up you dumb a fuck cunts. It means nothings.

And besides, you will only ever know for sure which is best between Mac and PC once neither is being used and we have something new. We can then look back in hindsight and judge which is best.

And I’d bet that which ever one looses that pathetic argument. The people that used the other thing will say, “You have wasted you life hahaha” to them I say, seriously, if you actually still care about this, FUCK OFF and get a life.

I’m sick of this bullshit.

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