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It’s like running 27 mental marathons back to back. At the start you can’t see an end to it all. It moves slow and consumes a lot of your free time. And you never seem to see progress. It’s just a never ending journey of black and white on a paper road to nowhere. Fuck […]

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Writers BLOCK!


I have to admit, I don’t like the phrase.

I have to point out at this point, some writers don’t get “writers block”. These I suspect are people who have been writing for a long time and didn’t just decide one day while working in their Orwellian cubical, where if you even think, ‘I hate my job’ the thought police will drag you away to room 101. And if you return you’ll not only be a studious worker but you’ll be on the fast track to management. Good for you.

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Setting Writing Goals.

Will make your book writing process less scary because if you sit back and think to yourself;

“Today I’m going to edit that 900 page manuscript”
Then you open page 1 and and get started. 4 hours later you’re on page 4 of 900. It’s at that moment you realise;

“Shit! This is gonna take me FOR EVA!”
And yes. Yes it will, with that lazy ass attitude. Cowboy up and get to it!

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I Give Up.

So… I quit. I was editing my novel CROW yesterday, and not for the first time, i decided that i can’t go on editing this thing, it just doesn’t work for me anymore. I thought that changing the style would help me get over my dislike of it, but no. And yesterday i tried, man. […]

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Editing My first Book. [DING DING, ROUND ONE!]

I’m sure i can come up with a better title then that later. Or at least i hope i can. [I didn’t] So then, to work. This blog was written over the course of the previous week, starting on the 9th and ending on 13th. Tuesday the Ninth of September. After exerting myself far to […]

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Do Not Bend (Re-edit)

Do Not Bend (re-edit) from Grifter Films on Vimeo. The version that was shown at the Branchage Film Surgery on Wednesday 13th Jan, 2010. Changes are; A ‘Film by’ credit at the start, Mail man shot changed, ‘Fisk Film Ltd’ card at the end with the web address ‘’, plus a copyright tag. ( no […]

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