It F**king Broke..! | Whisky

If you follow me on social media, which you totally should because I’m fucking awesome and not at all a total narcissist, you might be aware that I kinda sorta love Whisky. That’s whiskly spelt W.H.I.S.K.Y. Not W.H.I.S.K.E.Y. You see, I’m a Scotch man. Love the stuff, can’t get enough. I could run down a […]

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Not My Netflix?

It all started after the Formula 1 race in Hungry when I received an Email Netflix was informing me that I had changed my email address. Thing is, I hadn’t. I figured it was a glitch, I mean this shit happens, right? So I open the app and go ambling through unable to understand anything […]

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Editing | Writing

It’s like running 27 mental marathons back to back. At the start you can’t see an end to it all. It moves slow and consumes a lot of your free time. And you never seem to see progress. It’s just a never ending journey of black and white on a paper road to nowhere. Fuck […]

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