To-day was an expression of most weeks, boss not paying me on time, bills to pay etc etc, ‘cept this week he sent his wife to pay me… Smooth. Thing is the pay isn’t great and I hate not getting paid on time, or even knowing if that pay will come on Friday (*I get […]

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I Pulled a Fart Out of my Brain and it Smelled.

Well, it’s kinda true i guess if you’re looking from the right perspective. I’m not sure what perspective that is, i just know that it is. The Who: Quadrophenia is spinning. So today i was looking for another job, incidental that’s what prompted me to write this post. I usually start by searching my post […]

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That exists because i couldn’t be bothered to name this blog. To be honest, i really don’t have anything to say, but i’m gonna sit here until i type this shit out. It’s Monday night, 22:17, i have work tomorrow. I get to wake up at 06:10, and sit on a bus for an hour, […]

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