Expansion | Editing

You know how a creative mind never stops ticking over, the ideas coming in quick succession. This is great if you’re a writer because we need those fucking ideas to write. Without them we’re just mindless idiots staring at a computer screen, drooling on the keyboard while our eyes burn from pixels that are to […]

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And So It Begins | MicroBlog

Right, so today I began the long, injury inflecting, process of rewriting my book, Shadow of Doubt. This will be the first of many, many rewrites. And i imagine by the end, i’ll hate this book. So, today I started the character pass. I need to make sure that my characters voices are consistent throughout […]

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A Rewrite .750 Words Thursday, 28 July 2011.

Yesterday it slipped my mind and I didn’t write anything, I was distracted by shiny things and Comedy Central, sorry. But I didn’t leave my 750 words unentered, so I wrote out and paragraph and copy and pasted it until I reached the 750 minimum. Yes I cheated and however yo think of me right […]

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