Expansion | Editing

You know how a creative mind never stops ticking over, the ideas coming in quick succession. This is great if you’re a writer because we need those fucking ideas to write. Without them we’re just mindless idiots staring at a computer screen, drooling on the keyboard while our eyes burn from pixels that are to […]

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And The Editing Continues?

Lagavulin nights. That means I’ll be drinking one of four, or all four, Lagavulin’s in my Whisky collection. That being said, this Phase one edit isn’t going great guns at the moment. Frankly it’s the first time I’ve done it. Yep, never before have I taken a book this far. My previous book was so […]

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Editing | Writing

It’s like running 27 mental marathons back to back. At the start you can’t see an end to it all. It moves slow and consumes a lot of your free time. And you never seem to see progress. It’s just a never ending journey of black and white on a paper road to nowhere. Fuck […]

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Back at it.

Now that I’m no longer using my 5 year old MacBook Pro I have no excuses not to write, or in my current case, edit. So yeah, I’m back at it and having some time away has improved my capacity for seeing shit… like the opening chapter of September rain… That reminds me, I need […]

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Taking The Leap From…

‘Desktop computer to laptop isn’t, and will never be, a big deal, lots of people have done it and benefitted from the added mobility, not being chained to a single location. Now what about the leap for laptop to tablet, putting all your computer needs to something commonly referred to as a “device” and not […]

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Typing on a glass keyboard

So I’m looking to replace my laptop with this This not only means updating my blog here (when I get around to doing so) but writing in general. I have Pages to write with and Scrivener (once I figure out how to get my shot onto this iPad) but it’s the glass “virtual” keyboard that […]

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When Should You Rest?

Every weekend or when your book is complete?

When is the best time to drop the pen, down tool, take a nap without the deadline nightmares. Though those nightmare usually feed a good story. Rest is important to us all and if you have to commute to work then you get some. Because once you leave work you’re done for the day and or weekend.

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Setting Writing Goals.

Will make your book writing process less scary because if you sit back and think to yourself;

“Today I’m going to edit that 900 page manuscript”
Then you open page 1 and and get started. 4 hours later you’re on page 4 of 900. It’s at that moment you realise;

“Shit! This is gonna take me FOR EVA!”
And yes. Yes it will, with that lazy ass attitude. Cowboy up and get to it!

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So This Is How My Day Has Gone So Far | MicroBlog

I woke up around 07:30. Not for any reason I would deem necessary, I just did. Eyes opened, wide awake, couldn’t go back to sleep. Annoying but that’s okay, because today, i’ma finish my dang book. I stayed in bed till 9 anyway. “Fucking. YAY!” I go out of bed, showered then dressed, reluctantly, set […]

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Yeah, Pretty Much… | Microblog

This Image ain’t far from the truth. My friends tend to think that all i do is fuck about. And i think that i’m a fucking genius sometimes, but in reality, i just sit in front of my laptop staring at the screen waiting for the next word to form in my mind so i […]

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